Thursday, September 15, 2011

New "Tropical" Delight...

Gobsmack's inspired creations tease every bit of your palette with a cool and tangy lemon wedge crust, a sweet and tart pink lemonade center, topped with their gooey marshmallow fluff, signature "Savannah Smiles" cookie crumbles, and a fresh raspberry.

ABOUT GOBSMACK: Vicky Carballo and Liz Fernandez have dreamt of opening a business together since they were kids.  Last year, Vicky and Liz achieved their lifelong dream and launched the hugely successful Caper Diem Catering and Event Planning in Miami, Fl.  Watching this sister duo is like watching passionate artists at work.  The two sisters share a wonderfully dynamic and complementary working relationship:  Vicky, a trained chef oversees the catering side; and Liz, a seasoned PR vet manages event planning.  At every one of their events you will see these “masters of their domain” hard at work, always ensuring that everyone has a fantastic, and most importantly effortless time.

Earlier this year, Vicky and Liz took the success of their decadent and gastronomically complex desserts and launched “Gobsmack Sweets”, the devilishly sweet little sister of Caper Diem; a division that would focus solely on mastering the art of the three-bite mini cheesecake; a staple of the Caper Diem menu.   Vicky's OMG-inducing "Gobsmacks" consist of delectable best-sellers like "Luscious Guava", "Triple Chocolate", "White Chocolate Raspberry", and "Nutella Dulce De Leche".  The best part is, they're so small and satisfying you can try them all and not feel as if you have to spend the rest of the day working off the guilt.   Flavors are ever-evolving, so follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and exclusive offers.

Sales at the present time are limited only to the South Florida area.  You can order your own Gobsmacks via their website: