Friday, July 13, 2012

Girl Scouting Works

In celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouting, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) conducted a large-scale study to evaluate the impact of Girl Scouting. GSRI found that one in every two adult women has at some point been a member of Girl Scouts, and the average length of time spent in Girl Scouts is four years. Currently, there are 59 million Girl Scout alumnae.

The study further found that Girl Scout alumnae display positive life outcomes to a greater degree than non-alumnae on several indicators of success, including:
  • Sense of self
  • Volunteerism and community work
  • Civic engagement
  • Education
  • Income/socioeconomic status

These differences are more prominent for women who were in Girl Scouts a longer period of time. Alumnae with more than three years’ experience in Girl Scouts fare better than shorter-term-alumnae with regard to:

    • Sense of Self         
    • Civic engagement
    • Education
    • Income / socioeconomic status
    • Satisfaction with life
    • Success
    • Leadership
    • Relationship satisfaction

In addition, Girl Scout alumnae rate their experiences highly. Alumnae consider Girl Scouting to have been positive and rewarding. The positive effects of Girl Scouting seem to be particularly pronounced for those women who stayed Girl Scouts longer. 

Alumnae Rating of Their Girl Scout Experience

Girl Scouting works and works very well! So consider: JOINING, DONATING or VOLUNTEERING with the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida!

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