Friday, February 22, 2013

A-1 Fargo Key Player in Girl Scout Cookie Distribution

Ever wonder how all those delicious Girls Scout cookies get all over the country? Well, the Girl Scouts use a series of distribution centers that allow for local distribution and nationwide enjoyment! For the Miami-Dade area, A-1 Fargo, a local Miami moving company has been acting as a hub for the local Girl Scouts. They serve as a centralized location for Girl Scouts to pick up their cookies and in some cases A-1 Fargo even delivers the cookies, distributing 15,000 to 20,000 cases of cookies annually. The profits from these sales help fund:

  • Troop Activities
  • Field Trips
  • Service Projects
  • Outreach Programs
  • Camps
  • Adult Development
  • Scholarship Programs
A-1 Fargo works with Eva Prada, Product Sales Director for the Girl Scouts here in Miami. "We have a great relationship with A-1 Fargo," commented Eva. "They have been instrumental in the success of our annual cookie sale for the past ten years. Their location has been very convenient to the hundreds of cookie moms who come by to pick up their orders six days a week and Lynda and her staff bend over backwards for our volunteer moms and are greatt o work with!"

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